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The Tower of Thorns, Page 6 – Dark Places Skip to content

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I know I’ve said it before, but your skill with just black and white is a pleasure to view. From the transparency of the wraith (with empty eyes!) to the death rictus in the last two panels is quite a range. The thin limning of white against the black background really helps cleanly define the edges of the characters while maintaining the mood.

Are you familiar with Alice Fox’s work over on Two Rooks? Same medium, very different style (and story line), but I really enjoy both of your work.

(If you’ve time, check out her work at http://two-rooks.com)

Rock on!

It’s something I’m getting more confident with – though there are definitely times when I kind of wish I’d allowed myself just a little grey. It forces me to get creative, though, so I guess it’s all good. 😀

Hadn’t seen Two Rooks before, but I think I’ve got a new comic to archive-dive. And her colour work is amazing, too. 😮

Jain’s expression in her last panel is hilarious, along with her entire mood here. Supposedly they are trying to save a town from an illness, find a man in a haunted castle, and presumably not die from whatever lurks in the tower, and she looking through old things and finding nothing she wants. I’m both wondering if that is normal for the Order she is part of and what she is supposed to be doing, or not so much.

Yeah, it’s kind of like thinking you’ve found a treasure trove, only to discover it’s a bunch of chocolate coins thirty years past their expiry date. There is considerable disappointment.

The Order of the Eye are scholar-adventurers whose members are tasked with recovering and preserving knowledge from before the plague. So it’s certainly within her remit to go rummaging through a crumbling old library in search of surviving texts, though some of her companions might question her priorities in doing so.

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