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bring forth the death and woe! goes down a joy with my elevenses… here i was thinking that the previous two pages were wonderfully laid out and what do i behold? Page 3! another stunner! love the frame climbing briars!

Thank you kindly. 😀 I’m pleased with this page, especially the briars – I might have to go back and add more of them to the last panel to make things look more overgrown, I kind of ran out of time.

I am also super-pleased at having made a thorny briar brush in Photoshop, it’s a huge timesaver. 😀

This is simultaneously more touching and more depressing than the Disney version of the tale that I grew up with.

I meant to ask about the last page; what god is it that priest was a disciple of (the star face thing)? The same one as the Knights of the Dragon? Assuming you had a mythology in mind. If not it’s a very neat design anyway.

Also, Yay more Dark Places!

Different god – the Dark Places setting has a polytheistic society with various gods associated with various things, worshippers paying their respects to whichever deity is most relevant to their needs or interests. Temples are generally dedicated to a single god, though may also include smaller shrines to other gods with sympathetic remits. Priests and paladins pledge themselves to a single deity above all others, but will still pay their respects those other gods as needed.

Evan’s principle god, the Shining Dragon, is all about honour, justice, the strong defending the weak, that kind of thing, which makes him popular among those who seek to take a more proactive role in doing good in the world. Father Alcwyn’s favoured god is the Lord of Harvests, a solar deity whose purview includes agriculture, compassion, and opposition to bad stuff that lurks in the shadows – he’s pretty popular, especially among farming folk.

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