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That is probably the most talkative golem I’ve ever seen, outside Discworld. But then again, technically it is not called a golem at all, so perhaps it is to be expected.

I also rather like how Kos is looking at it in the second-to-last panel.

The glimpse into the hopes of the Sentinel makers is so filled with pathos among the signs of ruin and decay. I find the cognitive dissonance very affecting.

I like the clipped-by-the-frame word balloons, and the framing of panel 3 with the flanking skulls in panels 2 and 4 is particularly nice.

I’m so glad you’ve found the grace to return to your storytelling.

… I am a little misty-eyed. He was magnificent, and now – well. But Jain’s magic never fails to please, and I love what you’re doing with her here: it’s turned a straight exploration into something considerably more haunted and hauntING.

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