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The Stranger Unmasked, Page 4

The Stranger Unmasked, Page 4 published on 12 Comments on The Stranger Unmasked, Page 4

Hark! Adventurers approach!

I only know what those door-within-a-door things are called because I specifically went to look it up. At first I thought it might be a “sally port”, but that proved not to be the case.

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This had me go check the first page again to see if the guy could be still alive, or if he is a ghost or a zombie or something.

According to the number of bones, though, he fought long and well, so good for him.

Also nice to see Kos again. I’m looking forward to more fire-breathing.

I had to go back to work out why we’d suddenly changed characters. Stoopid unobvious flashback 😉

I’m not sure how much more obvious I can make it that time has passed. There are clear signs of decay on the castle compared to page 1, the heads and corpses from the previous page have become bones overgrown with grass, not to mention the fact that the year’s right there in the first panel. 😀

Well, the traditional method of showing flashbacks is to have The Past be sepia-toned (because everything in Ye Olde was b/w, except it’s yellowed with time to make it even more Olde-Tymey) but…for a variety of reasons, that won’t work for DP, I’m afraid.

My guess is that our gate guardian is some sort of construct/golem. Then again, something about his presentation had me thinking that even before this most recent page.

Wouldn’t he be in front of the gate then, like he was before? *shrugs* I dunno much about golems, just seems that way to me. 😛 But I suppose after 115 years, it would have moved about a little.

And I don’t think it’s at all confusing. Or rather, it was a little bit, but then, with this sort of sequence (lack of colour and direct transition, one should expect that and then look for the clues that tell you what happened. 🙂 And your clues were, to me at least, quite helpful. 😀

Still love this whole story.

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