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Quite frankly, an armor and a polearm (or a similar long weapon) would probably be the best possible equipment in a zombie apocalypse. There’s not much bare flesh for them to bite at, and you can easily keep even bigger swarms at bay, especially if you find some high ground.

Don’t run out of bullets, either.

Quite so – blades always work.

Polearms also offer a whole range of ways to whack zombies – you can poke ’em with the pointy end, smack ’em with the blunt end, chop ’em with the axe bit or stab ’em with the pointy bit on the back of the axe bit. Choices, choices!

So yeah, there’s a reason this guy’s on the outside of the gate. 😀

There’s flaws in using such weapons tho. It’s possible to get into a situation where you don’t have room to swing it or worse, you end up with it stuck in something…like a zombie. And then it becomes pretty useless.

.. and I’d been so deathly certain that he was going to Horribly Die. Characters I adore *always* Horribly Die! So gratified that instead he was Vigorously Brutal, and I am loving how clean the combat is. Drawing-wise, I mean. Nothing clean about brain-bits all about.

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