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Just read the whole comic so far in a few sittings. Wanted to say how fantastic it was. Favorite chapter was the fairy-story type ‘The Bog Witch’, because its so different from other stuff i’ve read online, but I’ve enjoyed all the major characters so far. Looking forward to seeing more.

Surprised to see this website still up, it’s been so long since anyone has heard from the author. Shame really: It’s a brilliant mix of D&D, Lovecraft, & old Fables…sad to see it fall by the wayside.

Hullo hullo. I ain’t dead, so at least there’s that. I’d like to finish up this chapter at some point, I’m just not sure when exactly that’s likely to happen. 🙁

for those of you who still visit this comic the author Steve is not dead, to find out what happened to him click on his name under the name of the comic page, and for those of you who cant figure it out or just wont do it, i will give a link to the page and copy and past his message here.


As has probably been obvious for a goodly long time now, Dark Places has fallen into inactivity. This is for a variety of reasons – initially because I’d started a new job which used up a lot of the time and energy that had previously gone into making the comic, then later because I realised that I’d become lost and a little burned-out on it. Each page was taking a lot of hours to draw, and I was having a hard time summoning up the enthusiasm to continue. I do appreciate that right in the middle of a chapter is by no means a good place to make such a discovery, and for that I can only apologise. I’d like to return to Dark Places eventually, but I’m not sure when that’ll happen. I’m very grateful to all of you who’ve kept checking back in the hope of a new update and leaving messages of hope and anticipation; I’m also very sorry to keep disappointing you, and feel it’s best to (belatedly) clarify exactly how things lie at the moment.

In the meantime, if you’re still interested in following my work I’ve been working on Dungeon Grind, which has proven to be a much-needed change of, well, everything. Short-form, humour, relatively quick to make, it’s quite a different animal from Dark Places and has used different creative muscles. It does have kobolds in it, though, so I guess it’s not entirely dissimilar. That’s where I am at the moment, in any case.

End Message.
Link to other comic:

oh and on another note if any of you know about Top Web Comics and want to vote Dark Places up i will give link


End of my Message.

All I wanted is to note that there are still people finding this comic and getting to this part, and dying a little for not knowing what happened to the artist, or what is to be of his work, we all would love to know more about this comic

I´ll return later… hopefully before a year has passed

funnily enough, this story is kind of in theme with what haves happened to this comic XD

“Sometimes it comes and sometimes it stops coming. I don’t know why, but, you know, writing fiction, writing novels is just like searching for something in the dark places. So you need every help, every help you can get. Sometimes it’s cats, sometimes it’s wells, and, in the dark places, there are small things waiting to help you.” -Haruki Murakami

Found the comic today, stumbled upon the Kobold and the Dragon story. Loved it. And now I stumble upon this page, read comments, and am saddened by the fact that from 28 XII 2011, there was no update. It’s two and half of a year almost, there’s still not enough time for Dark places? I miss Kosjukris and Evan and everyone else. =[

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