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The Silver Chain, Page 24

The Silver Chain, Page 24 published on 12 Comments on The Silver Chain, Page 24

And that’s it for Chapter 3. Thank you to all of you for your patience and encouragement. Dark Places will be on a break while I get the next chapter ready, and maybe even start building up a buffer.

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Thanks for putting in the time. With summer here, there are bound to be many distractions around, so what you can share with us is much appreciated.

No, thank you. 😀

I’m going to be working extra-hard to stay reliable with the next chapter and keep the unscheduled breaks to a minimum – it’s a privilege to have people who come back each week to read my comic, so I don’t want to disappoint.

*applause* Encore!

I look forward with the liveliest anticipation to the next chapter. I think Adar and Strong Smelling Gnoll make a great team 🙂

Yeah, it’s kind of a union of convenience (or inconvenience) at the moment thanks to the eponymous chain, but I think they’ll learn that actually they work pretty well together. The “Surly Brute and Dashing Rogue” double-act is a good combination. 😀

Huh, so 7 years and some miles later (yeah, I had to go look that up); apparently, as always time passed oddly in faerie land.

Well the ending came a little quicker than I was expecting, but I like it. I imagine these two getting into other (probably illegal) hi-jinks.

Thanks for the great story. : )

And thank you for reading it. 😀

Yeah, the ending’s a little abrupt, but I think it leaves things sufficiently open-ended for further adventures – events after the Last-Minute Escape From The Huntsman would be the doughty duo trudging to a village and trying to find a bath, which is kind of lacking in the dramatic tension department. 😀

So what happened to the chain? Did it get removed at some point?

Nope, still there, but kind of lost in amongst the gnoll’s fur. Though I may draw it in to avoid confusion.

Sometimes I kind of suck at visual continuity. I’m going to have to go back and make sure that the swordbelt Adar looted from the gate guards is there on all subsequent pages, as I keep forgetting to include it.

Seven stones and seven years; at first I’d thought this was a time lapse to after they were established and on a job of some kind, but then I saw the cloaks.

Also, he has a new pipe…one that’s changed expressions a few time since we first saw it. :]

(P.S. The text is actually some section of [ultra-famous dead fantasy author here] elvish, isn’t it? You can tell mostly because of the angles of the ascender marks.)

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