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The Silver Chain, Page 23 – Dark Places Skip to content

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Glad to see the comic is back! 🙂

Just curious, do you happen to read any Robin Hobb? Cause this setting is pretty much exactly how I imagine the area with the Witness Stones in the Assassin’s Apprentice/Tawny Man series. Although that’s probably just my imagination, because I think it’s actually described quite a bit differently in the books…

I will now read this whole sequence again. I anticipate epicness now that I can look at your pacing for this thing properly.

I can’t remember if I’ve commented here before. Dark Places is more or less the only reason my RSS reader has any excitement for me. (I know you have a schedule, but I deliberately forget it.)

I’m hoping the pacing works out – sometimes it’s hard to tell when I’m doing it week-by-week, and it feels a bit awkward to have an update that’s all “hey guys, here’s another page which has action but doesn’t further the story a great deal”.

Still learning and hopefully improving. 😀

Love it! Although I think you could have afforded a fourth panel to show the rapidity of the setting moon, but it doesn’t hurt as it is. I’m just saying that it wasn’t obvious to me that timing was everything until you commented. I’d have thought that the imp chap had “programmed” them to just transport those two.

He did say “before the moon sets”, so I think that highlights the deadline fairly well. Although I need to find a “race against time” mechanism that’s not associated with celestial bodies, I just realised I used the same plot device in The Well of Stars. D’oh.

I must pay more attention to the detail – I missed the moonshine on the rocks first time round.

As long as it’s clear on closer inspection then that’s good – I worry a bit that I’m being too subtle for my own good, and not communicating as clearly as I should be.

Usually when I have a sequence of panels that look mostly the same it’s because there’s some small-but-important detail that’s changing between panels. It’s a trick I quite like. 😀

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