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That forest is gorgeous. Lovely bit of compositional framing.

Thank you! The trees were a lot of fun to draw, and working out where to put the light and dark bits was a good learning exercise. 😀

I’m also inordinately pleased with the Clever Trick of the top and bottom panels being part of the same shot, with a brief cut away to the fleeing fugitives and such. Makes a nice change from the nine-panel grid layout I usually use. 😀

Oooh, I didn’t see that Clever Trick – there weren’t any strong vertical elements to connect the two panels. Plus my laptop’s screen isn’t tall enough to see the whole thing at once. If you’d had the middle row be a little less wide, wholly contained within the overall image, it might’ve been more obvious – or maybe this would have been a good place to go full-bleed on the forest, and have minimal gutters around the middle images…

Great comic! Found it today, nice mix of genres, and great art =)

Thank you very much, and welcome aboard. 🙂 Might I ask where you found it?

Love the moonlit forest!

I’d been looking forward to drawing that panel for quite a few weeks. Glad it paid off. 😀

Yes, do not be too pleased with your clever trick because it was wasted on this viewer, too 😉 To achieve the desired effect you should probably have treated the three smaller panels as insets into the larger panel, not as a full-width bar cutting it in two. Apart from that I like the starkness and woodcut quality of your B&W style, with no gray tones, a lot and I plan to keep on reading.

Since you are curious about how we (meaning your new readers) find you it was also through of those ads on another comics site but I can’t remember which one.

Well, it was kind of clever but needed some refining, I guess. I’ll work on that, and maybe edit the page before it eventually goes to print.

OK, nice to know it was the PW ad – I’m experimenting with running a campaign to bring more people to the comic, so it’s good that this seems to be working. Welcome! 😀

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