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Well, I guess he can be happy that it is cabbage.
And not children-haggis. Wich in turn is not haggis FOR children.

And the bear will likely helo pulling the trees. I mean it would be hard to split this much wood in a day, but much harder chopping down this much trees, chopping the branches off, pulling the to the hut (the seem to be some metres away) and the axes them into logs wich have to be split in a days matter.

I want to be a bog witch when I’m a terrible old lady, so I can threaten to boil up bad little children for soup. Sounds like the best retirement plan ever! 😀

@ Chow: Obviously, it is because children are delicious.

When my sister was working in a preschool nursery her favourite threat was that she’d put the naughty children in a paper bag and shake it. It… kind of makes no sense, but apparently it worked. 😀

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