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The Bog Witch, Page 6

The Bog Witch, Page 6 published on 8 Comments on The Bog Witch, Page 6

There are some places even snow doesn’t like to land.

I could probably make a sort-of-topical joke about how certain British airports could learn a thing or two, but it would’ve been more suitable a month ago. Still need to work on the comedic timing, I guess.

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Move out here to Wisconsin. It’ll be funny ’til April. *cough*

Another great page! Keep up the great work! 😀

Thank you very much. 🙂

And yeah, I’m pretty sure that the average Midwest winter puts BRITAIN’S WORST WINTER IN 20 YEARS!!!1!1 (to quote the newspapers) totally to shame.

I mean, six inches of snow and huge chunks of the country just stop working. Tsk.

The way that doorframe is leaning, he’s going to have to block the door open, unless it wedges on a warped floor board.

Self-closing door: Good domestic design or deathtrap? Discuss.

I am… going to pretend that was deliberate. Yes.

But yeah, it’s a useful feature if you live in a damp and chilly swamp. Keeps out the draughts. 😀

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