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The Bog Witch, Page 3

The Bog Witch, Page 3 published on 11 Comments on The Bog Witch, Page 3

Woodland animals can talk, sometimes. Depending on who’s listening.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, and wish you a very merry Christmas, or other winter festivity of your choice. 🙂

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Merry Christmas, although here it’s a summer festivity 🙂
I’d missed the start of this story, I have to remember to check webcomics properly…

…whenever I go to comment on this site I always type my message in the Transcript box by mistake…

And a good Yule to you too! I hope you have a warmer time than this poor fellow 🙂 Though I wonder if he may not find things altogether too warm, presently, having gone from frying pan into fire…

Merry Chirstmas Steve.
In think rescuing the bird might net in some cookie points from the witch xD

Very much depends on the nature of the witch. 😀

If the bird survives I suppose that it might later be able to offer some much needed assistance, just like in a regular fairy tale where the third son is the one who helps all the animals and old cripples along his way to the big bad evil who bested his two older brothers.

Also: Belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year! Oh, I guess this is what “Happy Holidays” are for… 😉

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