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This installment of Dark Places has just got me so completely enchanted. Not to say that the previous Dark Places segments weren’t just completely fabulous… but this segment just has that certain… this or that… kudos!

Been one of those silent readers on your page.
But just so you know – this page made me smile so big I couldn’t keep my fingers away from typing my compliments for your amazing storytelling.

Altho this is only the start of another fabulous arc isn’t it? Surely the comb n washcloth not go unused.

Thank you very much for speaking up. 😀 I’m super-pleased with the reception this page has had, it makes it all worthwhile.

As for the comb and washcloth, they will have their parts to play – but in the best Scheherazade tradition, that is a story for another time. The next chapter will be something different. 🙂

My personal theory is that Aled survived the vampire only because he used the washcloth to his face the last evening. It was magical and repelled the vampire before it could drain all his blood.

Did I come close?

Kind of the reverse – the comb and washcloth have some minor enchantments that make people more well-disposed to the user, so it’s possible they made Aled seem extra-delicious. 😀

His survival at the Tower of Thorns was pretty much down to Evan’s just-in-time heroic rescue (and Kos’ firebreathing skills). Much longer and he’d’ve been thoroughly drained dry.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!=love <3

This is most awesome, most excellently wonderful. I must say I'm just in love with everything you've done so far. And now the old witch actually seems likeable… I'll just have to remind myself that she really does like her soups, and boysoup might make a grand change from all this root soup she's been having lately. 😛

Or maybe he was just too dirty, needed to look after his personal hygiene a little more if her gifts are any indication there. lol I want a Green Man comb now…. Anywho! Love muchly on the comic. Can't say it enough!

Aww, that’s a sweet old nana. 🙂

Makes me wonder what she was like when she was young. Did she always look at people and wonder what they would taste like in a soup? Or is that something that comes with magical powers? Or something that yields magical powers? Are there any stories that covers the background for an old witch? I guess it would be kind of interesting if a character ended up that way as a story proceeds, but unfortunately it would also be a massive spoiler if I was told in advance. So maybe it would be better for stories told through flashbacks, if the “old witch” thing is supposed to be a selling point.

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