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I hope the fox is okay. One’s life should not be rescued, only to give it up again.

He’s pretty sneaky and wily, he’ll probably be OK. 😀

Those wolves are pretty dumb not to notice that the fox tracks look totally unlike human tracks.

Tracking by scent rather than sight. Also yes, kind of dumb. I mean, pretty much any fairytale you like, the Big Bad Wolf is intimidating and dangerous, but no rocket scientist.

I’d say a wolf that comes up with a plan to dress like a grandma and lie through his (big) teeth about his eyes and ears is a pretty wily wolf. Maybe not rocket scientist smart, but far from being dumb. Though surely no wolf is more clever than a fox, because everyone knows that foxes are the wiliest.

I dunno, a wolf trying to pass himself off as a grandma and expecting his target not to see through the ruse doesn’t seem like the most brilliant plan in the world. Either that or Red Riding Hood isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

But yes, foxes have the wiliness market pretty much cornered. 😀

If a wolf was a rocket scientist, I’m fairly certain bad things would happen. 😛 But maybe the wolves just decided they didn’t care who they went after, and the fox smells like fox and Aled, whereas Aled just smells like Aled…. *shrugs* Fox is awesome anyway.

I stumbled across this while looking for kobold-related images on Google’s image search. I’m very glad that I did – I spent today reading from the beginning all the way up to the current page. I am sad now, because I am at the current page, and no matter how hard I click “Next” a new page doesn’t magically appear. Sigh. I suppose I’ll have to wait.

Enjoyable stories, thank you for sharing them with us.

Yes, I also was brought here by kobold images (specifically the “Dig!” poster) and am enjoying the comic immensely. Are you familiar with Ursula Vernon’s “Digger”? It’s also black-and-white, has an interesting take on gnolls, and in her blog she discusses fairy tales a lot…

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