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Something I’ve been wondering since the last week’s update is, why doesn’t he just leave? Tells her goodbye and heads off in the morning, I don’t think she ever forbid him from doing that and actually seems to actively dislike having him around.

That’s a pretty good point.

Partly it’s because the forest is too cold and hostile for him to survive the night on his own. Partly because the Witch flies around in a cooking pot, and there’s the risk that if he makes a run for it she’ll chase him down for failing in the task she set him. Partly because of the previously-mentioned-in-comments thing about there being unspoken rules of the fey realms concerning the giving and receiving of favours – the day’s task is for the previous night’s shelter, so if he leaves before repaying that favour she would have all kinds of metaphysical leverage over him.

Parsnips are vastly underrated. Whipped, they make an excellent addition to cauliflower for a low-glycemic carb substitute for mashed potatoes. And, like you said, great roasted. Just stick ’em in the bottom of the ol’ roasting pan, and they complete the meal.

Also, your comic is great. I’ve read it all, have silently lurked with an rss feed for months, and really enjoy the woodcut-like artwork and the interesting writing.

But, seriously. Parsnips.

Personally, the state of “filled-ness” of the woodshed was the highlight of this update… well, that and the expression on Mr. Bear as his made light of our hero’s plight… well done sir! And aye… Parsnips… a fine and noble root it is! Fried as chips or crisps… whipped, roasted, sauteeted, puree’ed into a soup with white beans to thicken and add richness… however one does it, Parsnips are fine and divine!!

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