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The Bog Witch, Page 1

The Bog Witch, Page 1 published on 9 Comments on The Bog Witch, Page 1

New chapter! With some familiar faces. Drawing snowy landscapes is actually a lot of fun. Something about the stark black-and-white look of things, I imagine.

Having got the page finished and uploaded in plenty of time I thought I’d throw a bit of colour at that first panel.

And given that it’s the festive season, now’s probably a good time to plug the Dark Places store. If you enjoy the comic (or know someone who might) then please take a look – you’ll find print editions of the first three chapters, as well as other items like the inspirational kobold propaganda poster and the tiny The Kobold and the Dragon minicomic. Alternatively take a look at my Zazzle store, where you can find t-shirts, mugs and other sundries.


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Looks like Aled’s had an eventful childhood. The fact that he’s survived until now would mark him for some level of badassery.

the coloured panel looks wonderful… i’d almost venture to say that it’d make a helluva t-shirt… excited by the new chapter in this on-going tale! Lets hear it for Aled!

Not sure how it’d work as a t-shirt (I’m told that bolder designs work better), but I’m kind of kicking myself for not drawing it in time to offer it as a Christmas card. Next year, maybe.

And yeah, I figured that Aled deserved a little more attention, seeing as his main role in the previous chapter was to wander off and get his neck munched. Not exactly a spectacular introduction. 😀

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