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I love how he’s drawn in the first panel. Very well done.

Also, does self-inflicted pain count? He could get his friend to stop by biting his own tongue.

Heh BEER IN FACE! Or ale, or whatever it is… Honey mead….

Anyhow, there doesn’t seem to be anything indicating that there would be anything between them if it wasn’t for the chain. Friendship maybe, but unless Grakarr’s a very masculine female, it seems unlikely Adar would go for him. 😛 Besides the whole species thing, I mean. heh

Anywho, loving the special moment here! And the grand idea of ruining it with beer to someone else’s face. Solves all your problems, that does. 😀

I really like the first and last panels on this page. There’s just something about the ambience and the splashed man’s face… It’s wonderful!

And does it count as self-inflicted pain if you started the fight and the other guy punches you?

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