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So the intended two weeks turned into something more like two months. I fell off the productivity wagon, and fell hard enough to make a crater. I can only apologise for that (doubly so for my extended silence on the matter), and humbly thank you for your patience. This break has, however, given me the opportunity to plot and ponder and make sure the stuff I have in mind is heading in the right direction, which I hope will result in a superior comic for you, gentle readers, to enjoy.

So. I’m now back on the wagon, and I am intending to turn into an unstoppable juggernaut of comic-making awesomeness. That is the plan. I look forward to your company on the ride.

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“All you have to do is decide– convincing yourself– that doing your art is just a normal part of living, like eating or breathing, then doing your art well doesn’t take so much out of you.”
Search engines don’t think that’s really quoting anything, but then again, they only care about wording, not about the knowledge conveyed.

(I should note that this is leveraging concepts about willpower being a tangible, neurological resource and about the investment of resources short-term to get more long-term, so those of you who think willpower is infinite if only you tried hard enough and those of you who don’t have solid sacrificing/gaining logic probably wouldn’t get much out of it.)

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