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Bear with me.

Bear with me. published on 7 Comments on Bear with me.

Hurr I'm a burr.

Things will be in a slight state of flux for the next week or two – I’ve recently landed a part-time job at my FLGS, so there’ll be a period of adjustment while I balance that and the comic.

In the meantime it’s likely that I’ll be needed for more than part-time hours in the immediate future, so there may be some disruption in updates for the duration. My apologies in advance for that, but be certain that Dark Places will return once things settle down.

EDIT: Since interest has been expressed and print-on-demand makes things easy, the Bear With Me t-shirt has been added to the selection of eminently desirable merchandise in my my Zazzle store. It’s available in light and dark flavours. 😀

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