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Saturday June 19th is Free RPG Day!

Saturday June 19th is Free RPG Day! published on No Comments on Saturday June 19th is Free RPG Day!

Yes indeedy, this Saturday is Free RPG Day, when you can head down to your FLGS and try out a new roleplaying game or two, with quickstart modules and material available for a range of titles for free, that’s eff-arr-ee-ee as in FREE, as in you pay nothing. Pretty awesome.

It so happens that my FLGS, Eclectic Games, are combining Free RPG Day with their Grand Reopening at the new premises (map here). I’ll be there doing character sketches (an example of which can be seen as this week’s interlude content), so if you’re in the area then please do stop by – it’s a short walk from the train station, and they have an unbelievably huge selection of board games, card games, roleplaying games and traditional games.

In comic-related news, I’m pretty much done with the illustration gig and the conclusion to The Silver Chain should resume next Wednesday. Thank you again for your patience. 🙂

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