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London Comic & Small Press Expo

London Comic & Small Press Expo published on 1 Comment on London Comic & Small Press Expo

Dark Places @ London Comic & Small Press Expo

Just got back from the London Small Press Expo, where I was tabling with Peter Vine – scholar, gentleman, writer of of Hard Graft.

So, hello and big thanks to everyone who stopped by and perused my wares – and even more big thanks to everyone who bought something! Welcome to the site, do check out the archives (and the store :D), maybe even leave a comment. I love hearing from people who read and enjoy the comic, and it was especially gratifying to have several existing readers of the comic come up and say hi. I liked that a lot. 😀

I should also mention that you can Like the Dark Places Facebook page or follow @darkplacescomic on Twitter to get up-to-the minute information on page updates, Livestream broadcasts, future convention appearances and all that good stuff.

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