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Also, I just noticed Kos handed Evan’s sword for him. He’s a squire now?

Cutest squire ever.

(Still waiting for the Dragon to give him some healing and Turn Undead and such things. I’m certain it’ll happen eventually.)

Yay, Kos! Trusty squire!

And I love a woman who kicks ass 🙂

Jain has come a long way from the downtrodden novice occultist in The Well of Stars, that’s for certain.

I had a really good joke about this page but then I lost it.

For a while I wondered how three soldiers were being this professional about a castle full of zombies, but then I reread the Well of Stars like everyone else and realized that was Jain back there. I think cosmic horror jades you to most things.

Someone suggested this webcomic to me, been reading the archives today. Very great, usual praise, etc. etc.

Just needed to make a special note here: it’s superb to see an armored protagonist (or major character, at least) who actually wears and uses their helmet. Astounding!

Thank you. 😀

I do try hard to keep the characters’ costumes fairly sensible for what they do – so Jain wears practical clothes rather than the stereotypically skimpy magic-user swimwear, and Evan puts his helmet on when he’s expecting a fight. Because it’d be silly otherwise.

It does make things a bit tricky with regard to conveying expression/emotion, but I think I’m able to do that with body-language and what bits of his face are still visible. 🙂

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