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I can’t read the text in the first two panels. Is it not important? I have to say I don’t like not being able to read it. It doesn’t look cool to me.

It’s basically Evan rebuking the creature in the name of his god, etc. It’s not super-important, as the main action is going on with Kos.

heh, like you said, less of the “blah blah blah” and more of the burn burn burn… its great to see our loveable Kobald set the world on fire (as it were)! i have to agree with Chow, the way you have the top two panels set up, it sets the spot light directly on Kos!

GREAT job getting this page published this week. thank you for taking the time to update after being so busy all last week with the expo and stuff. knowing that you had to steal time from other things and use all the energy you had to get it posted for us makes this one even more spectacular. thank-you-thank-you-thank-you! and what a cool way to show us how cute and humble, quiet kos can handle serious business. 😀 loved this one!

Now THAT’S visual story-telling. Four planes of action on one page. Very well done, sir.

It was a challenge to set this page out, as there’s a lot of stuff going on at the same time and I didn’t want to do a whole bunch of tiny panels to cover it all. I’m especially pleased with the top two panels, as the unconventional speech-bubble layout was an experiment that seems to have paid off. 😀

The kobold is quite pragmatic when it comes to combat, isn’t he?
Nice page!

I also like how he’s completely calm, never mind all the totally messed-up stuff that’s going on right in front of him. Like he was just mining and had to wield a different kind of pick-axe because there’s suddenly slightly tougher ground here. “No big deal, I’ll just…”

He gets the job done, certainly. He’s not exactly built for one-on-one fights, so he has to rely on sneaky tricks. 😀

(I’ve played way too many roguelike games to really consider such things “sneaky tricks” so much as “survival in a bottle”. It would go into sneaky trick territory if Kosjukris had a good understanding of some cognitive flaw in the creatures, and abused it mercilessly. Kinda like how sleight-of-hand is mostly based on the holes in the perception of the viewer.)

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